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Important Notes: Below is your 21-Day Miracle Challenge Course. Each Module is designed to be completed in a day. To begin, simply click on Unit 1, in Module 1, and you will find the starting materials for Day 1. Every day, you will click the ‘Next unit’ button until you reach the ‘Completed’ button. Please note the meditation has been added separately, as well, so that you can listen to it or download it as you wish. Once you click the ‘completed’ button for the day, it will track your progress in the course for you.



Module 1 World of Miracles
Unit 1 World of Miracles
Unit 2 Meditation for Daily Stress Relief
Module 2 Spirit's Eye View
Unit 1 A Spirit's Eye View
Unit 2 Spirit's Eye Meditation
Module 3 A Lighthouse for Peace
Unit 1 Be a Lighthouse of Peace
Unit 2 Breathing Meditation for Peace
Module 4 It's All About Judgment
Unit 1 All About Judgment
Unit 2 Heart of the Universe Meditation
Module 5 Heavenly Helpers
Unit 1 Heavenly Helpers
Unit 2 "Our Divine Helpers" Meditation
Module 6 Maintaining an Attitude of Gratitude
Unit 1 An Attitude of Gratitude
Unit 2 I Am Gratitude Meditation
Module 7 The Present is a Gift
Unit 1 The Present is a Gift
Unit 2 Relax and Be Present Meditation
Module 8 It's All About Love!
Unit 1 It's All About Love!
Unit 2 Love Yourself Activation
Module 9 Review Part 1
Unit 1 Review of Lessons 1 Through 4
Unit 2 I Am A Miracle of Love Meditation
Module 10 Review Lessons 5-8
Unit 1 Review of Lessons 5-8
Unit 2 Grateful For Love Meditation
Module 11 The Key to Happiness
Unit 1 The Key to Happiness
Unit 2 Forgiveness Meditation
Module 12 Lesson 12 Forgiveness Part2
Unit 1 Forgiveness Part 2
Unit 2 Feel the Feeling Exercise
Module 13 I Forgive Myself
Unit 1 I Forgive Myself
Unit 2 I Love Myself Meditation
Module 14 Releasing The Past
Unit 1 Releasing the Past
Unit 2 Bigger Than The Universe Meditation
Module 15 Shifting Your Beliefs
Unit 1 Shifting Your Limiting Beliefs
Unit 2 Mountain Stream Meditation
Module 16 Review Lessons 11-15
Unit 1 Letting it All Go - Review Lessons 11-15
Unit 2 Mountain Meditation
Module 17 Be Your Best You!
Unit 1 Be Your Best You!
Unit 2 Send Love and Blessings Meditation
Module 18 What is Your Body Telling You?
Unit 1 What is Your Body Telling You?
Unit 2 Loving My Body Meditation
Module 19 Oh Happy Day!
Unit 1 Oh Happy Day!
Unit 2 I Am One With All That Is Activation
Module 20 Live, Love, Laugh!
Unit 1 Live, Love, Laugh!
Unit 2 Laughing Buddha Meditation
Module 21 Putting It All Together
Unit 1 Putting it All Together to Create Miracles!
Unit 2 Embodying Miracles Activation
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